Evermore Boudoir

Welcome to my newest adventure!

At the end of 2021 I hit a wall with my photography. I felt limited on what I could offer. Don't get me wrong I LOVE family photography, I have 3 children of my own and I want all families to have images to look back on! I wanted to dive right in to boudoir photography.. and I did. I collected beautiful pieces of furniture, greenery, satin sheets and all of the in between. Then I started working on my studio, I shot once in it and rearranged, shot again and rearranged and then rearranged again. LOL

I enjoy being creative, its my passion. When I decided to do boudoir I knew I would love it because I could take my time and really turn my work into an art. I'm not exactly sure how I would describe my studio, I do think the furniture gives it a vintage feel and the décor gives some beautiful pops of color. The women I have met so far are absolutely beautiful souls and I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Boudoir is an experience every woman needs at some point in her life. You WILL step outside of your comfort zone, you WILL feel empowered, you WILL love yourself and you WILL be thankful for booking the session!


“Samantha is very talented in capturing the mood of every scene and making each client feel her best and capture her very essence as a woman. But oh my, my, my even after the first several shots and Samantha showed me from her cam I can already tell that these were gonna be great!
I wanted to post all of her shots of me all at the same time but there's too many!
❤️❤️❤️ Ladies, you will have no regrets getting your sessions done with Samantha!”


“I am obsessed with my pictures, THANK YOU!😘 Thank you for making me feel comfortable, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH HOW THEY TURNED OUT!”

—Codi D.

“Sam was amazing with making a comfortable environment and is extremely professional. She had specific ideas she wanted to shoot as well as allowing for my creativity to shine through with ideas that I had in mind that she helped me bring to life. The sets she created were beautiful.”


“The most amazing photographer a girl could ever ask for. I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t feeling attractive or sexy anymore. I didn’t even feel in touch with my confidence , but that all changed after I saw this as an outcome! Thank you so much for helping me get back in touch with myself and my confidence!! Highly recommend!!”


“Samantha is a magical unicorn! 🦄 Lol there’s no other way to say it! She made me feel comfortable, beautiful and like a sexy MILF! She has a true gift!
Do it for your significant other, sure, but do it for yourself too! I promise you will have a new found love for YOURSELF!”